De longbow Black 2. Snelle boog, Straight to backset bowdesign. Made in Germany! Werparmen zijn van Essenhout. Essenhout is een taai houtsoort, goed geschikt voor een pijl en boog. De boog is links en rechtshandig. Geschikt voor 3d parcour schieten. Zeer geschikt voor beginners!

This excellent bow is appropriate both for right and for left hander. Due to the successful combination of the used woods and the black glass of the limbs this bow gets the very aspect that makes it something particular. The leather of lamb used for the central part does not only have a purpose of decoration, but even a functional one. You will enjoy this.
Length: 68 inches (approx. 128 cm)
Draw weight: 20 - 40 lbs
Central Part: Ash
Limbs: Tapered ash with black glass
Tips: no tips
Grip: Straight grip
String: Dacron
Brace Height:6 3/4 inches
We recommed you to buy a bow stringer for longbows. Thus you can protect your bow from damages while stringing it.
Delivertime -levertijd: Directly till 3 weeks- Direct tot 3 weken.

Longbow Black 2

  • € 219,00

  • Excl. BTW: € 180,99